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I love working with confident, lovely women. When they’re willing to be confident and lovely in a public place? The coolest! This wonderful lady couldn’t be more giggly, sweet, and fun. However, during shoot time, she transformed into a goddess who belongs in an old Italian film. She’s awesome. Also, to the couple joggers who passed by…you’re welcome.


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There are some very fortunate fellas out there. Lots of lovely ladies are doing boudoir sessions to give as gifts to their grooms on their wedding day. I mean, right? This was one of those shoots, and the fabulous gal in these pics was just the coolest. After seeing what a wonderful, confident, fun woman he has as his partner…he might want to marry her twice!


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Oh, you know. No biggie. Just a nature-inspired outdoor boudoir shoot!!! Seriously, I was gasping during this shoot because I can’t even deal with Laurel’s gorgeousness. These images are part of my stylized shoot for the wonderful event planners at Flower Child Weddings. We were super excited to show an edgy yet ethereal side to boudoir photography for brides or anyone who wants to celebrate their inner and outer beauty. YES!


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Oh man, this shoot makes me so happy. This wonderful gal did not see what the rest of the world sees…how ridiculously beautiful she is. Despite the insecurities, she put on her brave pants, and then took off her brave pants in some boudoir photos. Heckyeah! I’ve been lucky to know this woman for years, and she is a kind, lovely, funny, whip-smart firecracker. Let’s also not forget “bombshell”. I can feel her rolling her eyes as I type that, but hopefully now she’ll have to choice but to agree with the rest of us. Bombshell!

*Hair/makeup by the incredible Ms. Gina Rickicki. Yes!


Atlanta_GA_Modern_Boudoir_Photography_02 Atlanta_GA_Modern_Boudoir_Photography_03 Atlanta_GA_Modern_Boudoir_Photography_05 Atlanta_GA_Modern_Boudoir_Photography_22 Atlanta_GA_Modern_Boudoir_Photography_26 Atlanta_GA_Modern_Boudoir_Photography_30 Atlanta_GA_Modern_Boudoir_Photography_41 Atlanta_GA_Modern_Boudoir_Photography_79 Atlanta_GA_Modern_Boudoir_Photography_83 Atlanta_GA_Modern_Boudoir_Photography_86 Atlanta_GA_Modern_Boudoir_Photography_42 Atlanta_GA_Modern_Boudoir_Photography_46 Atlanta_GA_Modern_Boudoir_Photography_53 Atlanta_GA_Modern_Boudoir_Photography_62 Atlanta_GA_Modern_Boudoir_Photography_67 Atlanta_GA_Modern_Boudoir_Photography_61

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Alicia is such an effortlessly gorgeous woman. Confident, smart, fun, lovely. These things add up to a pretty marvelous photo shoot. Heckyeah! I had a ball taking her Cheeky Lamb Boudoir pics at the super-cool Hotel Indigo. The setting was perfect for Alicia’s modern city chic style. She gave these photos to her fella as a wedding day present, and I heard that he was pretty happy with his gift. I mean….right? His lady is stunning.

* Super-props to the wonderful makeup talents of Sloane Warren!

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  • August 19, 2013 - 9:58 pm

    Tommy Evans - Love especially #062 with the “FOX” sign outside and the lighting glare of #161