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The beauty of this wonderful woman, along with the beauty of her gentle horse, Sedona, made for a unique and incredible boudoir shoot. I may have stopped breathing a few times (in between doing a happy dance). It was a cool experience for me. It’s even better that this gal, who has such unconditional love for all of her animals, now has these photos with this glorious creature. This shoot is also a great example of how boudoir photography is about what you reveal from the inside, not what you reveal on the outside. Having the strength to show emotional vulnerability is what makes a photo intriguing and sensual. Yes! I have to give thanks to my skilled collaborators at Flower Child Weddings, and Grace Armas Hair & Makeup Design.


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Just a little something to get you in a patriotic mood. I love this rustic Americana look (styled by the awesome folks at Flower Child Weddings and Grace Armas Hair & Makeup Design). It also doesn’t hurt to be shooting two gorgeous souls. I’m so glad we got a few pics that demonstrate how couples boudoir photography can be natural and fiery, without being raunchy or creepy. Heckyeah! The sexiness simply comes from the connection shared by the couple. Just like a sexy photo of one person comes from what’s within that person, not what’s happening on the outside. Now, I’ll stop preaching my thoughts on boudoir photography, and let you enjoy some beauty. Also, USA!



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These photos show you the staggering outer beauty of this lady, but I really wish they could give you a full report on what a cool person she is. Y’all…she does roller derby, works on films, is freaking hilarious, has a good heart, and is generally a total badass. On top of all that, she looks like THIS. Fair, not fair. We got to spend a gorgeous day on a mountain, and it was kinda the best. Big props to Gina Rickicki for her dang amazing hair/makeup skills. FYI, if you’ve never spent time in nature wearing your underthings, laughing, and drinking bourbon…you probably should.



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  • June 2, 2015 - 1:27 pm

    Tara - OMG! Best boudoir yet. Absolutely stunning!

  • June 2, 2015 - 9:13 pm

    stacey - Thanks so much, Tara!!