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My camera and I are having an epic battle over which one of us loves Tom and Julia more. Everybody wins! I’m lucky to have called these two friends for years. I got to shoot their ridiculously incredible wedding a million years ago, and we recently got together for a shoot on Mars. Ok, mayyyybe it was a mountain in GA, but seriously…it was Mars. Whether on Earth, in Ga, or otherwise, they have effortless style, endless laughs, and enviable romance. I adore them, and can’t wait for our next shoot on Jupiter.



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What time is it? Cheeky Lamb Boudoir time! Start the year off feeling beautiful and confident…yes! If you want to give some pics of your gorgeous self as a Valentine’s Day gift, we’ll want to set you up super-asap. The sooner the better, but we do have options that can be done as late as a week beforehand. Packages start as low as $200! I love doing these shoots, and helping people own and celebrate their beauty. These sessions are not just for the ladies. I also do editorial “dudeoir” pics and couples boudoir. Heckyeah! Let’s get cheeky!!



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I’m fortunate to say that 2014 was a wonderful year, and I am grateful to have a life so full of love and joy. Turning over to a new year lends itself well to review and goals. I always look over my biz and see if anything needs fine-tuning (or major demolition/reconstruction). It’s kinda my M.O. to pay more attention to my career than to my personal life. I sort of prefer it that way. The positive side to it is that I love my job. The more uncomfortable admission is that I use my biz an an excuse to avoid taking certain chances of a non-biz variety. If there’s one thing I’m going to resolve to do this year, it’s to live a more interesting and adventurous existence. Go more places. Try new things. Make bigger mistakes. These choices will make me a more fascinating person, and surely a better photographer. I hope your 2015 is full of hope, happiness, and excitement!



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I just love love. When it endures for 10 years, that is a great reason to celebrate. I was fortunate to be asked to capture this beautiful relationship between two people more wonderful than I can describe in a blog post’s worth of words. After our shoot, I remember wondering if we even took any photos. All I remember was a consistent flow of great conversation and smiles. Happiest anniversary to you. We should all be so lucky as to have someone who makes us burst into laughter and looks at us so lovingly.



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