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I recently got to travel with my friend Lauren from The Farmer Fund to White Oak Pastures in south Georgia. When there’s photos and adorable animals involved, I am SO there. I was beyond impressed with the practices of this organic farm. They truly care about animal welfare and environmental sustainability. It was beautiful to see all the critters roaming and grazing in open fields. I just hope all the animals forgive me for chasing and trying to pet every single one of them.


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The beauty of this wonderful woman, along with the beauty of her gentle horse, Sedona, made for a unique and incredible boudoir shoot. I may have stopped breathing a few times (in between doing a happy dance). It was a cool experience for me. It’s even better that this gal, who has such unconditional love for all of her animals, now has these photos with this glorious creature. This shoot is also a great example of how boudoir photography is about what you reveal from the inside, not what you reveal on the outside. Having the strength to show emotional vulnerability is what makes a photo intriguing and sensual. Yes! I have to give thanks to my skilled collaborators at Flower Child Weddings, and Grace Armas Hair & Makeup Design.


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I’m thankful to finally be posting this special wedding. Since our parents are long-time friends, I met the bride when she was just a little girl. To witness the lovely person she’s turned into was delightful. To make things even more sentimental, the beautiful property where the event was held, happens to be the farm formerly owned my my great-grandmother. I got to hear my Dad mention several childhood memories from time spent there. I even remember holidays at the farmhouse when I was a kid. Kim and Rob now own the property and are renovating the whole place. How cool is that?!! Just when you think this day of celebration that joined two wonderful people together couldn’t possibly get any better…the famous Klement’s Racing Sausages of the Milwaukee Brewers showed up at the reception for some dance time. What??? YES! A fine day, indeed.


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Cheryl and Adnan’s lovely wedding at the St Regis could be a tutorial on how to throw an elegant, intimate celebration. It was a beautiful day with two truly wonderful people, and the dear folks who are closest to them. Beauty and fun and love…yes! Also, super props to my spirit animal Ashley at Flower Child Weddings for the incredible planning and details.



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