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Hi, y’all! I just wanted to remind folks that I now offer one-on-one photography consultations. I know what it’s like to struggle with getting the results you want, and it makes me extremely happy to work with people to help get them over a hurdle, and ignite their love for photography.

I recently met with Charlie to go over some frustrations he was experiencing. He has some legit photo skills, so I was nervous about whether or not I could help raise the level of his already solid work. I was thrilled to be able to share some info that seemed to move him towards new techniques, while witnessing his excitement about trying everything out. I get pretty emotional thinking about sharing the joy of photography with someone. It’s pretty awesome. He was kind enough to write me a message about his experience, and I am so humbled by his lovely words…

“A couple days ago I met with Stacey Bode for a photography teaching session. Though I’ve been shooting for years, I felt like I really needed an in-person engagement to overcome a number of frustrations I’d been experiencing, and ultimately take my work to the next level.

Despite being someone who researches obstacles, and spends a fair share of time reading articles, troubleshooting, and YouTubing, there’s only so much help articles and videos can provide. Sitting down for an in-person workshop with Stacey was exactly what I needed to tackle current frustrations and hoist me through my current learning curve. She created an environment in which it was easy to talk about my struggles and she was able to empathize and address them. We also walked through my equipment, and while discussing the technical, she peppered in countless helpful tips and philosophical approaches that make my shooting not just better, but more fun.

 A rare skill set, she’s both analytical and artistic, as helpful in tackling technical problems as she in articulating principles of the creative, explaining what makes an image compelling, and communicating the strength of visual storytelling. An inspiring session, I simply have to recommend her for the amateur and professional alike. In fact, I plan to meet with her again in a few months for another session to discuss workflow, file management, and process.

 All in all, my session with Stacey enhanced the level of my work, increased my confidence, and empowered me with a greater breadth of technique and a sharpening of craft. I walked out the door with a renewed excitement for a pursuit that I love. If you want to see further, then, like Newton, stand on the shoulders of giants.”


If you, or someone you know, might be interested in one of my tutorial sessions, here’s the info for you!



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