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I’ve been promising my folks that I would spend some time in their attic sorting through all my old junk up there. I happily discarded or donated oodles of dust-collecting memories, thus continuing my fight against appearing on an episode of “Hoarders”. I did take home 2 small boxes of goodies I simply couldn’t part with. I am a total, sentimental sap, and my memory is not great. So, I need the occasional stuff to lock in a few special tidbits of my younger days. Here’s a little of what was in my attic to-go boxes.

My mom’s super-boss 70s wallet.

A drawing I did in school. I hope the assignment wasn’t to draw my family. Or maybe I do hope that.

Did anyone else have these? I think my sister and I had every set of Ginghams paper dolls that were made.

I had a lot of music/jewelry boxes, and I was obsessed with Holly Hobby. The Small World music box briefly housed a “pet” spider I had caught. Sorry, spider.

My family lived in Hawaii for a year. This was one of my favorite shirts.

We also lived in Illinois, just outside of Chicago. Any time we had out-of-town guests, we went up the Sears Tower. My ears are still popping.

A bag of plastic dinosaurs. Because…..dinosaurs!!!!

One of the notes my classmates sent to me after I’d moved away. I love how it goes from normal to crazy like immediately. Also, I now want to sign all correspondence with “I misuse you”.

A cool purse that was either my mom’s or my grandma’s.

I remember my mom not wanting me to buy this pin. I liked how it looked and didn’t know what it meant. Mom, that’s what you get for taking me into a Spencer’s Gifts. Also, my mom may be able to predict the future, because boy do I know what this means now.

Who is this blonde, tan person? That girl looks like she would grow up to be a surfing champion or an Olympic beach volleyball player. Yeah…..nope. Also, RIP Vanessa cat!

Don’t judge me. I did eventually quit cheering to play hockey.

My early love of science and brown-nosing. I’m sure it’s the arrow blood drops that got me the + part of my grade. Yes! Nailed it.

Oh the Girl Scouts. That was fun. But what was with singing “Taps” during the ceremonies? If I hadn’t agreed to their rules, perhaps the consequences would have been dire. Also, notice how I corrected the music. That says more about my personality than anything, y’all.

My favorite high school folder. Shortly after this, I gave up doodling for studying and paying attention.

Most of my attic stuff was boxes of college textbooks and notebooks. How did I get through all those courses?? Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy, Invertebrate Zoology, Biochem III, Medical Genetics. Here are a couple drawings from one of my Organic Chemistry lab books. My drawings were far better than my chemical analysis. I also love that I had a college professor who still gave smiley faces…and often came to class on roller blades.

I hope you enjoyed this wacky stroll down attic memory lane!

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