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I adore June. ADORE! She is the cutest little sassafrass, and has got this modeling thing totally down. Can I be her when I grow up? No? Aw, rats! She and I had so much fun with our photo playtime. She goes from timid forest bunny to Beyonce in like zero seconds. It’s amazing. Yay, June!!

These pics are not only to demonstrate the awesomeness that is June. They’re also to show folks a few types of shots of kiddos that can be done in my new studio space. Yes! We can do holiday photos, special occasion photos, “hey, I’m this age now” photos, or just for fun photos. So, here are some examples of all that good stuff. What’s even better, is that studio shoots start at just $75. SEVENTY-FIVE BUCKS! What?! For that, you get up to 30 minutes of shoot time with one set-up, and 10 edited images in a gallery, where you can download the printing-quality files. Easy peasy! If you need more time, set-ups, images, or stuff, I’m happy to customize a studio package for you.

These shoots are also great for couples, family portraits, maternity pics, silly photo booths with pals, and mini boudoir shoots. Ooh la-la! Need to give someone a unique and memorable present? A mini studio shoot gift certificate is the way to go. Other people at the party will be bummed that they didn’t think of it. You win!

Wanna see more examples of the types of photos that we can do in-studio? Click HERE.

If you have questions or want to set something up, give me a holler. I might even let you play with paper airplanes and chalk.

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