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Happy, um, late Valentine’s Day, everybody! I just got back from a swell cabin trip to the North GA mountains in Blue Ridge. I recommend this to people who want to be lazy OR not lazy. You can sit around doing nothing, or go for a walk and be reminded that you are indeed on a mountain. Whew! I have to laugh at the fact that part of our “doing nothing” on our Valentine’s getaway involved viewing some of the least romantic movies I can imagine. We watched Tim Burton’s first “Batman” movie, “Lethal Weapon 4” (dear god, why did we watch this??), and “Boyz n the Hood”. I also have a question. I haven’t had cable or satellite TV for a few years now, so I only see that stuff on vacation. So…..since when does IFC only play crappy Hollywood blockbusters? Sad. Sorry, on to happier and weirder things.

Wade made this awesome mix “tape” for the drive, complete with magical illustrations. Also, you can see from my nail polish that I am a girl.

We rented a pet-friendly cabin so that Fletch could come along. Yay! Here, he’s all like, “thank goodness it’s vacay time!”.

I am totally crafty. I made this box for Wade, and filled it with hearts. Each one says something that I think is great about him. Gross, right?

My poor boyfriend. This is my idea of romantic sentiment.

Saw an idea like this on Pinterest. Filled it with places to go, goofy things to do, etc. No more, “I dunno….what do you want to do?”.

Valentine jigsaw puzzle! Guys, we’re old.

We have a very complicated method of choosing a cabin. Despite how these photos look, we are not sloppy drunkards. Just sloppy.

Wade was like this for 2 days. Don’t worry, I put a blanket over him at night.

Meet our new friend, “Just Burt”. As in, “don’t be scared…’s Just Burt”.

Fletch refused to do the Romeo & Juliet speech with me. It’s ok buddy, I don’t know it either.

Why I may be the worst girlfriend ever. My idea of a sexy Valentine’s Day outfit: yoga pants, a pom-pom hat, and a Critters t-shirt. Fellas, try not to get too excited.

Now for the most important part of our trip…..FOOD! Almost everything I made had dorky hearts on/in it. Mmmm….hearts!

This was the view from the upstairs balcony. Not too shabby. If y’all are looking for good cabin rentals, check out Above the Rest Cabins. They’re great!

I hope you all had fun celebrating, or shaking an angry fist at Valentine’s Day. Whatever your thing is.

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  • February 17, 2013 - 5:05 pm

    Sabrina - I love all your heart-shaped food — especially the beets! Pure awesomeness.

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