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I thought I’d start archiving a bit of my DIY madness, since both DIY and madness seem to be fraught with popularity these days. My latest project was making a pin board to hang jewelry on in my closet. I have lots of jewelry. Mostly very inexpensive, costume stuff. Despite the quantity and sentimental value of some items, I rarely wear any of it. If it’s within arm’s reach when I’m getting ready, I might throw something on out of sheer female obligation. Because nothing looks more ladylike than a t-shirt of Frank Zappa on a toilet with a rhinestone bracelet. Anyway, I wanted to make something to put just a few grabbable pieces on.

Here’s a boring photo of some of the supplies. I forgot to take a before photo before I started. Oops. I also need to stop taking blog photos with Instagram. This is a photography blog, right? So, the other things I used were a cheap picture frame from Ikea (about 2 bucks), scissors, and a vintage pillow case from a thrift store (50 cents!). I could have gotten a large piece of cork and cut it to the frame, but it was less expensive to buy a set of 4 small square corks. I cut them to fit the frame opening, and hot glued them together. Nobody’s gonna see that part!

Since I missed capturing a few steps, this is after I cut the cork pieces, hot glued them together to fit the frame, cut the fabric to fit, stretched it around the cork, and put the frame backing on. The fabric stuck out about a half inch, so I tamed it with some electrical tape. It’s pretty lightweight, so I’m just using foam mounting squares to hang it. I had removed the plexiglass front from the frame since you just want the fabric-covered cork hangin’ out the front.

This project didn’t reach completion without a fight. During my first attempt, I noticed the swatch of fabric I’d cut had some stains on it. While inspecting those stains, I realized there was a new stain…..a streak of fresh blood. That’s when I noticed that I had sliced one of my fingers on the metal frame tabs. It was one of those cuts that was so clean and deep, you don’t even realize it happened. I was on a mountain in a cabin, wishing I had some 2-0 Prolene and a needle holder (science dork!). Instead, I wrapped a bandage around my finger tighter than a belt on Thanksgiving, and cut a cleaner fabric swatch. Daggummit.

I’m really happy with how this turned out. I’m not super into jewelry, but I’m super into crafting. Soon, I’m going to make a larger version to use as an inspiration pin board in my office. Hopefully, I can manage that without losing a limb!

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  • February 22, 2013 - 1:51 pm

    Susie - Nice one! It’s only worth it if there’s blood involved!

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