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I say this all the time, and I’ll keep saying it until people tell me to stop (and then I’ll just say it a little bit longer still). I love second shooting at weddings. One of the reasons is that you get an opportunity to shoot so many different types and styles of events. I tend to shoot a lot of elegant, artsy, DIY, and rustic-type weddings. I could shoot those every day, y’all! My pal Robin Nathan typically books beautiful weddings that I refer to as “faaaaaancy”. I think on more than one occasion, I’ve said to her, “I’m pretty sure that centerpiece costs more than my car”. So, when I shoot for her and she shoots for me, we get to mix up our styles a bit. Yay! With all that said, here are some pics I took at one of Robin’s events, with the wonderful Julie and Mike.

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  • June 2, 2012 - 11:42 am

    Allison Dragony - These are so wonderful! I love the picture of the little girl looking in the door! So sweet!

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