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Hey everybody! I’ve decided to post another installment from my “Scars of Ours” project. Still working towards a separate blog, but I want to keep moving forward in the meantime. This is a particularly special post because this story comes from my Dad. He’s a hard-working Jack of all trades, so he has a few scars. However, this is the one I’ll always remember most. It was pretty traumatic when it happened. It also seemed unfair that he had used his table saw for years without a safety, and then the first time he used the safety, this happened. I have to add two of my favorite parts of the story that he doesn’t mention in the audio. One is that his plastic surgeon’s name was Dr. Hand. The other is that for a while, he had 2 metal pins sticking out of his fingertip to stabilize everything while it healed. He used to freak people out by using it as a fork. My dad is cool. Here he is recounting how he fought for his right to play the guitar. Rock on, Dad.

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  • March 22, 2012 - 12:48 pm

    Stephanie - Your Dad told a good story. I’m glad he was able to save it.

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