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I thought I’d share a few “behind the scenes” moments with you from Chris and Angela’s recent wedding.  Typically, our outtakes are strictly for purposes of testing light, etc.  However, when several of your friends are guests at the wedding, the bloopers become way more fun.  I hope you enjoy this backstage pass of weirdness.  *Any photos that I’m in were taken by Matt Stanton.  Gotta give the cred!

I am 5’4″ tall.  My lens is 8’10” tall.  It also outweighs me by about 50 pounds.

I should stop making attempts to be cute when I know I’m being shot at.  Cutenessfail.

Bizarre light check.  Strange because I’ve known Matt for 13 years, and I don’t think he’s ever made this face before.  Light check face!

Matt is fond of the extreme close-up.  If anyone gets closer than this with a camera, I will totally steal your soul.

I dig this pic of Matt rockin’ out with our awesome pal, Suehyla.

Even better…… photo bomb by Rachel May!

A few necessary moments of goofiness with my friends Hope and Stacy.  Yay to silly ladies with hats!

Then, we all went back to behaving in a completely normal manner.  I swear.  : )

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