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moments – with robin and stacey

Oh, I love me some Robin Nathan.  Not just because she’s an awesome second shooter.  Not just because she brings me doughnuts.  Definitely because she’s willing to be silly with me.  Shooting weddings is hard work, but I think it’s crucial to focus less on how exhausting it can be, and concentrate more on the joy of it all.  Yay!  Robin is a great partner in crime when it comes to that.  She understands the mix of professionalism and fun.

This video clip cracks me up.  I’m testing the light on Robin before shooting a video of Chrissie and Alan.  I apologize for the wack-a-doo sideways orientation.  Like I said, I was testing the light, not my video skills.  : )  Loooogout… she comes!

We had to “test” the photo booth before shooting the guests.  Why take a boring test shot when you can play with props?!  Holla!

I hope your day had an acceptable level of weirdness!

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  • September 27, 2011 - 5:40 pm

    Robin - Oh dear god. What dorks we are.

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