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Rachel + Scott’s wedding had all the fantastic requirements for a truly unforgettable celebration.  A beautiful, drool-worthy setting.  Pretty, colorful details and decorations.  A joyous, supportive crowd of well-wishers.  Most importantly, a gorgeous couple with the most obvious spirit of fun and love.  Hooray!

The rustic, calm setting of Serenbe Farm was perfect for this cheerful event.  I love that place!  From the moment we arrived, the atmosphere was all laughs and zero stress.  Rachel, your personality should be considered a national treasure.  Scott, I still can’t believe you made those awesome pinwheel boutineers!  You two are just the bees knees.  One of the biggest compliments I can offer about a wedding day is when it seems to completely reflect who the bride and groom are as people.  This wedding day did that absolutely.

If you want to view even more photos than the ones you see here, check out the slideshow at the bottom of this post.  Also, don’t stay away too long.  Soon, I’ll be putting up images from their photo booth.  Oh boy!

To view a slideshow of more images from Rachel and Scott’s stunning wedding day, please click HERE.

I have to end this post with two very huge shout-outs.  First, a nod to the fabulous wedding planner, Courtney Paz.  She made sure everything fell into place perfectly.  The second giant thank you goes to my unbelievably talented second shooter, Travis Dorn.  He is a wonderful photographer, and an equally wonderful person.

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