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Last night, I was going through some old files, and stumbled across something I had completely forgotten about.  During one of the first Cheeky Lamb Boudoir shoots, I had Robin shoot a few short video clips to document the process.  Well, it turns out that “document” means “check out Stacey acting like a total dork”.  So, I thought I’d share a little of that with all of you.  I also wanted to show how relaxed everything is so folks can see that boudoir doesn’t have to be synonymous with intimidating.

Both of these videos were taken during our shoot with the fabulous, wonderful, smart, and gorgeous Jas.  She has a fantastic blog that you should check out called Smile Big and Pretty.  Love that!

This first video clip is just me setting up the lighting for the next set of images.  Robin is standing in for Jas, while I continue to act weird.  A few things I love about this clip are:  Robin’s sarcasm, Jas laughing at us from the bathroom, and the utter mess we made in that hotel room (most of which is snacks).

Here is one of the images I took using that lighting set-up.

I had to take the opportunity to re-post this gem too, because it brings me so much joy.  Robin was kind enough to come assist during the shoot.  However, she was preggers at the time, and not feeling great.  So, her job became sitting in the jacuzzi, eating cheese puffs, and watching “Tank Girl” on TV.  Yay!

The second video shows me directing Jas during some poses.  However, the clip is less about that, and more about lame noises and my pants.  Also, more sarcasm from Robin.

And here are a couple of those shots….

Thanks so much, Jas and Robin.  I hope y’all enjoyed our little behind-the-scenes silliness!

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  • March 4, 2011 - 9:30 pm

    Jas - YEAH! YEAH! Thanks so much for posting that. It made me smile!

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